What would cause a pilot light to go out on a furnace

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5) Improper Air Flow, or a Strong Draft, Blows the Pilot Out. If your pilot light re-lights easily after going out overnight, it's possible it was blown out by a draft. This can happen on excessively windy days or nights. A leak in the output duct of the furnace could cause air to blow into the area.The model number identification label, is located in the area where you light the pilot. It is a silver plate, somewhat like a sticker and a little larger than a postcard. The model and the serial number are printed in bold black numbers. Jun 08, 2013 · On a cool night you can flip the fireplace on to take the chill out without having to re-light the pilot. No chance for a spider to make a web in one of the tubes and clog the burner If the pilot is left on for long stretches of time, without actually turning on the main burner of the fireplace, a white film can develop on the inside of the glass.

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A Slow Flashing Light. Not every furnace codes means you’re looking at a serious furnace repair in your future. In fact, some codes are there to let you know that your system is functioning properly. If you notice a light on your Trane furnace that is flashing slowly, this means that your furnace is on but it is not calling for heat.
7. Relight the Pilot Light. If you are using an aging heating system, the pilot light could be out. To reignite it, find the instructions on a label on your furnace, or follow these recommendations. Locate the toggle beneath your heater labeled “pilot,” “on” and “off.” Turn the switch to the “off” position.
Here are the three main reasons why your pilot light may not be working. There Is a Thermocouple Issue. Often when your pilot light continually goes out, it is due to the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a device that shuts off the gas when the pilot light flame goes out. A few things can go wrong with the thermocouple: It can break and ...
Aug 06, 2018 · Cause: Thermocouple Malfunction. The thermocouple senses when the pilot light is on. It functions as a traffic light; when the pilot light is on, it gives the gas valve the “green light” to release the gas to the burner. However, if the thermocouple starts to signal that the pilot light is out even when it’s on, the gas won’t be able to get to the burner, so your water won’t be hot.
Feb 19, 2009 · What would cause the pilot light to go out several times on a natural gas foreced air furnace? - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.
Down Drafts Causing Pilot Light to Go Out. If your furnace vents through a chimney, always check first for the potential of a down draft causing the light to go out. This could happen if the light tends to go out on windy days. The chimney design could also be causing the problem.
Sometimes a pilot light goes out, so you do not need to worry when your gas fireplace shuts off and pilot goes out. When pilot light goes out, usually the cause is something you can solve easily. You can try to turn off the gas or maybe, your appliance runs out of propane.
Dec 28, 2007 · Bryant Gas furnace pilot light keeps going out? I have a somewhat older (1997) Bryant gas furnace. Occasionally the pilot light will go out and the furnace will run with non-heated air blowing. I cannot seem to detect any patteren to the light going out at all. It has gone out twice in two days but before that it has been over three weeks. ...
The light goes out due to improper venting or air supply Most of the time improper venting would cause the pilot outage on direct vent gas water heaters (DV). Down-draft from the ceiling fan, draft at the bottom of the unit, or high winds are also common reasons when the pilot would go out.
Well, if your furnace blower fan won’t stop running, you could have any of the following problems: You’re using the wrong thermostat fan setting. Your fan limit switch is on “manual override”. There’s a shorted thermostat wire. There’s a shorted wire at the fan limit switch. We know.
Jan 11, 2016 · Sometimes the blown fuse in the furnace comes from a malfunctioning transformer. In this case, you will need a technician to come and replace the old transformer with a new one. Insufficient Fuse Size. If the fuse in your furnace is too small and cannot handle the wattage, it can cause your fuse to blow.
Pilot light on the furnace going out, every once in a while. Author: svarshav (NJ) I put in a new furnace about eleven years ago. The house has hot water baseboard heating. I dimly recall having a few occasions of having to re-light the pilot light, in the first year or so.
Jan 19, 2011 · The usual cause of the pilot light being blown out is because the combustion chamber lid or cover is not fitted or sealed correctly. Look at the pilot flame and see if it is being effected by high winds, if so contact BG immediately as this would indicate such fault on their part.
The termocouple’s job is to monitor for a pilot light, which then controls the flow of gas to keep the burner on. When the power goes out, the thermocouple loses power, the gas valve closes for safety, and poof — out goes the pilot light.
Oct 19, 2016 · When you see increases in your average heating bill, coupled with an aging furnace, it may be time to start considering replacement. 3) Is your pilot light color blue? On gas heating systems the burner flame should be a bright blue color. A furnace warning sign is a flickering or yellowish looking flame.
Pilot light on the furnace going out, every once in a while. Author: svarshav (NJ) I put in a new furnace about eleven years ago. The house has hot water baseboard heating. I dimly recall having a few occasions of having to re-light the pilot light, in the first year or so.
Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I have a williams furnace, gravity vented wall furnace, natural gas and the pilot light is lit- and remains lit. However, no matter setting I adjust the wall thermostat too the heater will not light at all.
This might cause the pilot light to burn yellow/orange or may even blow out altogether. As a result, it is one of the most common reasons why a boiler pilot light changes colour. To prevent this from happening, ensure the boiler cover is secured properly and draught-proof your property.
Dec 19, 2008 · if your pilot gas tube comes off of the main gas valve that has the on,off,and pilot postions on it,then its probably a bad thermocouple or a dirty pilot not heating up the thermocouple...

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Feb 14, 2014 · Check and clean the end of the pilot light, residue will build up on these and cause it not to light or go out. (same for gas stoves as well) 2. Check the regulator, sometimes you have to push down the red button and hold it to activate the gas, if you don't do this long enough the gas will go out after a brief period. 3.
The pilot light is the tiny, gas flame that is responsible for providing power to your gas hot water heater. If the pilot light on your water heater keeps going out, then you can expect no hot water for your household. This is why when your hot water heater pilot light keeps going out, you should fix it right away.
One of the most common problems with aging furnaces in St. Louis area homes is when the pilot light goes out. Depending on the source of the problem, this can either be a one-time incident or something that happens over and over again. Today we're going to talk about some of the most common reasons that a gas furnace pilot light would go out and what you should do if it happens to you!
Sep 23, 2020 · Remove the bottom pilot light cover. As a result, your pilot light assembly bottom will get exposed. Locate the pilot assemble holding screw and remove it. Gently pull the gas line out of the pilot assembly housing. Remove the hex nut that connects the gas line to the pilot assembly. Now gently pull out the gas line.
Dec 24, 2007 · If the Pilot light goes out, the thermocouple cools, and the main valve , and Pilot valve will shut with a dull snap. Verify that the thermocouple is properly in the upper 3/4 (not the very tip) portion of the flame. Watch it, to see if it is being blown out by vent drafts. If it goes out, for apparently no reason, it must be replaced.
Check out this infographic for a quick overview of some of the common culprits of these unusual sounds. Below, we’ve outlined five furnace noises you shouldn’t ignore. Warning Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair. Noises are usually an indication that your furnace needs routine maintenance or repair.
If the pilot light goes out then the boiler won’t be able to fire into action. 3. Boiler is leaking. A leak coming from your boiler is never a good sign. And the cause of the leak will depend where the water is coming from. Before attempting to locate the cause of the leak, stop the water supply and turn off the central heating.
The thermocouple is a sensor that controls the gas valve and ignition in your furnace. If it’s faulty, it will cause your furnace to keep going out even if you’re able to re-light the pilot. This is difficult to fix yourself, but an experienced HVAC technician will be able to repair or replace your thermocouple quickly.
In This HVAC Training Video, I Show UP CLOSE How the Thermocouple, Pilot Light, and Gas Valve Work on a Water Heater, Furnace, Fireplace, as well as other Ap...
Check out this infographic for a quick overview of some of the common culprits of these unusual sounds. Below, we’ve outlined five furnace noises you shouldn’t ignore. Warning Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair. Noises are usually an indication that your furnace needs routine maintenance or repair.
Oct 05, 2015 · When the pilot light goes out, it does not leak carbon monoxide gas. However, if the light goes out frequently there could be other issues. Some of the possible serious reasons for pilot lights to go out include loose or broken gas valves, thermocouples or heat exchangers, faulty venting, low gas pressure, or high winds.
Jan 14, 2009 · Another reason the pilot might be blowing out is it might be slighty blocked with soot. Turn the gas off and use a dry clean tooth brush and buff the top of the pilot light then blow off the...
In this episode of Repair and Replace, Vance shows how to relight the pilot light, in a standing pilot furnace. If your pilot light goes out, all you need to...
Depending on how the furnace is wired, the pilot may or may not go out. Transformer Powered Gas Valve. In some installations, the gas valve is powered by the 24V transformer. In a situation like this, a thermocouple is used to detect the flame. The voltage generated by the thermocouple is sensed by control circuitry, which in turn controls the ...
Oct 22, 2018 · If a gas fireplace pilot light goes out, problems with the thermocouple might be the cause. A thermocouple is a component of a gas furnace that you can find near the pilot light. The thermocouple is meant to stop the gas in the case if the electric igniter fails or if the pilot light goes out.

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