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Interview zwischen Donald Trump und Donald Trump ☺. Qanon, Trump Der Kabbalistische Apokalyptische Kult.<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="" width="480"></iframe> Rafael Rubalcava ... Nov 15, 2020 · The Constitutional Law and retraining of judges on constitutional is also listed on #Nesara. Pay Attention. This is a huge part of the reason why I support President Trump. NESARA Explained - PART 1. August 19, 2020. Trump is setting the stage to activate Nesara/Gesara! It's been right in front of us the entire time. . I'm going to thread together what Nesara is and how...

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Jim Willie aka "Golden Jackass" Talks Gold, RV, NESARA GESARA and the Bright Future of the USA by PurpleSkyz: 0: 713: on Mon May 18, 2020 10:22 am by PurpleSkyz INTEL – RV/GCR & PROSPERITY PROGRAM FUNDS WILL REVIVE WORLD ECONOMIES SHORTLY by PurpleSkyz: 0: 464: on Mon May 18, 2020 10:05 am by PurpleSkyz War With the International Banking ...
Former CIA spy Robert David Steele had researcher and activist Sacha Stone back on for a 13 minute update to talk about NESARA, a possible debt jubilee, the Republic of the United States, human trafficking and pedophilia.
Aug 24, 2020 · Click the original article link here >>> #UNRIG Video (30:00) Charlie Ward Hints Next 90 Days JFK Jr. Total Takedown Trump Steps Aside NESARA/GESARA God Rules! Charlie Ward hints about the Next 90 Days: Trump Steps Aside, JFK Jr., Total Takedown, NESARA / GESARA
Jun 26, 2020 · President Donald Trump became waylaid Thursday when asked to name his goals for a second term, never ultimately stating what he hopes to do if reelected when given an opportunity to explain.
Aug 06, 2016 · NESARA Law was written as a remedy for a lawsuit that the farmers filed and it was taken all the way through the Supreme Court. Please read through and it will begin to make sense to you. I invite you to sign the NESARA White House Petition designed to invite President Obama to Announce thereby Enact NESARA Law.
NESARA has merged with GESARA. Alliance sources are claiming that NESARA no longer is needed in America, since last month Trump signed the revised Paris Agreement, in which GESARA was secretly embedded. Therefore, NESARA, which originally was destined for the Republic of America, has merged with GESARA.
NESARA is designed to erase poverty and all its attendant ills from Earth during a transitional period preceding Ascension so that the planet’s sovereign citizens can focus their attention on planetary transformation.
Jul 13, 2020 · He also suggests that we’re coming to the end of Q-drops because President Trump has set up a new format for getting information out directly from the White House. Also worth noting that since Charlie Ward signed an NDA 10 days ago (Non-Disclosure Agreement) he hasn’t uttered one single syllable about the RV, GCR, NESARA or GESARA.
National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) was a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard.
Aug 08, 2020 · Nesara – Gesara How it works – explained with Jack Kidd & Charlie Ward. Source. The National / Global Economic Security & Reformation Act. NESARA is the most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only the United States of America but the whole planet (thus GESARA) in its entire history.
The plan to hide NESARA worked well for a time, but gradually news of NESARA began to be leaked to the public. To circumvent any public action to enforce NESARA, “plan B” was created. The plan was to forever delay the enforcement of NESARA by fooling the people with trickery.
Mar 31, 2020 · NESARA was subsequently hijacked by a New Age “cybercult queen”, Shaini Candace Goodwin (aka “Dove of Oneness”), who claimed the act had been signed into law by President Bill Clinton and that it was about to be implemented at 10AM on September 11, 2001 – but that the computers and data on the beneficiaries of the trillions in ...
Oct 10, 2020 · Should Trump remain in office (and they are fighting with everything they have to get him out), I see this portion of NESARA moving forward sooner rather than later as Trump doesn't want this to depend on the result of November 3rd (and THIS announcement may be tied to the October surprise).
Is this the Trump Trap set for Nancy?? Well, expect things to begin again tonight around 6:00 pm Pacific time or sooner. — TheStormIsUponUs (@stormis_us) October 1, 2020
Charlie Talks with Rachel Hamm Trump Religion Nesara Gesara and More. Interviews By Dr Charlie Ward December 18, 2020 14 Comments. WATCH NOW.
NESARA GESARA now updates | From Wisconsin to Nevada to Pennsylvania to Georgia, Trump's 2020 Election Legal Challenge Starts to Take Shape: November 8, 2020: Biden-Trump Margin in Pennsylvania Close to Automatic Recount: November 8, 2020: Georgia headed to mandatory recount secretary of state announces: November 8, 2020: Trump Campaign Moves to Initiate Wisconsin ...
Jan 26, 2017 · This time last year you would have been given awesome odds for Donald Trump having both the keys to the White House and the nuclear codes in 2017, and that’s because, in political terms, he’s the perpetual rank outsider. But in the eyes of many, and we’re talking mainly conspiracy theorists here, the outspoken billionaire is no outsider.
May 09, 2019 · — Trump did not expose that every nation on earth was toppled by the crime syndicate (headquartered in China, secondary headquarters in Israel, tertiary headquarters in Vatican) and each toppled nation was then enslaved by a foreign owned corporation, a contract corporation (which means there is a secret contract, errr was, they are now void ...

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Aug 08, 2020 · Nesara – Gesara How it works – explained with Jack Kidd & Charlie Ward. Source. The National / Global Economic Security & Reformation Act. NESARA is the most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only the United States of America but the whole planet (thus GESARA) in its entire history.
Jan 17, 2018 · Trump Leaves Upon Implementation of NESARA Act on January 20 1/17/2018 02:27:00 PM Cabal , GCR , Illuminati , NESARA , RV , Secret News , Trump The Implementation Of Nesara Act Means President Trump Leaves January 20, 2018 ~ Jan. 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2020 · No one has done a thing re human trafficking, UNTIL trump. He is a hero in that regard and the only leader who has faced it. your fan, jw. BF- Point well taken. The original source for these allegations was the Wayne Madsen report but I got it second hand via the virulently anti-Trump Veteran’s today.
Groups opposing NESARA arranged for the attacks to occur on 9/11 to keep NESARA from being announced. Just before the announcement, Bush Snr. ordered the demolition of World Trade Center to stop the international banking computers on floors one and two, in the North Tower from initiating the new U.S. Treasury Bank system.
GESARA i NESARA to skróty od nazw Prawdziwego Globalnego / Narodowego Aktu Reformy i Bezpieczeństwa Ekonomicznego. Droga do wolności.
Mar 17, 2020 · Since NESARA failed in 2001, they decided that there was no sense in unveiling it to the people until the dark cabalists were first removed from power. This is exactly what Trump and QAnon are now doing, along with the assistance of other Alliance countries such as Russia and China. There are many others. Events are now in line with Biblical prophecy.
Mar 13, 2013 · Anonymous said... I respect the writer and commentaries, but this is not the time to watch the cabal’s plan unfold. We should get organized to fight austerity plans and unemployment, I don’t know whether we should join underground movement or the militia in the states ,Europe or worldwide but we have to take action instead of watching ourselves die from radiation, chemtrails, hunger, drugs ...
NESARA Explained - PART 1. August 19, 2020. Trump is setting the stage to activate Nesara/Gesara! It's been right in front of us the entire time. . I'm going to thread together what Nesara is and how...
To: President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, and The United States Senate NESARA
NESARA Incoming? Trump Fed Reserve Announcement - Feds lower rates to 0... a la/s marzo 15, 2020. ... Discurso de Trump en Southcom! ¡Los bancos se doblan!
Aug 07, 2020 · Quantum Financial System: Plant Trump die Entmachtung der Kabale und Abschaffung der Schuldensklaverei? Das aktuelle Weltfinanzsystem der Zentralbanken fußt auf dem Prinzip, Geld durch Schulden decken, die durch hohe Zinssätze finanziert werden, was dem Zweck dient, den Kontrolleuren dieses Systems die Taschen zu füllen.
Trump 2Q2Q, Q Drops, Fake Virus, Nesara and The Plan. 37 members. Come join and learn about the Great Awakening, Q-drops, and inside intel on what's coming and what's going on behind the scenes. Trust the plan, support our great president of the USA.
Trump supporters are marching to the Supreme Court on Saturday demanding transparency. The motorcade took Trump in a loop around Freedom Plaza, located a block or two east of the White...
Elizabeth Pipko talks patriotism, modeling, Trump, faith and more in new book that aims to ‘heal our country’ The 25-year-old activist and model will release 'Finding My Place' on Aug. 25
See more ideas about Trump, Donald trump president, Youtube. President Trump delivers remarks on the federal response to the recent protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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